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Born in Tokyo.

Started her carrier as a professional photographer in 1993.


As her main field of her photography carrier, she took pictures for fashion magazines,

music magazines and advertisements.

In the year 1998, she took photographs of the film shooting site of the movie titled

"Dragon Heat" and met the director, Eric Kot and started working for his company

"Double X Workshop Production" in Hong Kong.

Set her second base in Hong Kong and started shooting photographs for magazines,

advertisements, music CD covers and music videos with her original, very unique style of photography.




      2003  IdN gallery “now you see it, now you don’t”

                Hong Kong Art Centre “double X visible=y”

      2005  Hong Kong Art Centre “Hello Kitty hide & seek”

                Seeman backyard “Press the button tour, the first stop HK”

      2006  Kapok “Heart to Heart, 3 coup de coeurs”

                KOLO X KABO “A small window into a big life”

                UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON - “Colors United People”

      2007  Pacific place “Canon EOS400D - my point of View

      2009  agnes b “join hands with TWGHs”

      2018  Kyo-Zon / Kabo photo dairy of life after 311

      2019  BURNING IXXUES


      2012 RICHO Ginza Ring Cube Gallery “OVERSEAS 2012”


      2018  IRON ISLAND FES 2019 “who work in this island”

      2020  little hong kong; a little rooftop at BLOCK HOUSE DAIKYOTO exhibition (sidecore)

      2021  project atami at HOTEL NEW AKAO #3 #4 ART GRANT at HOTEL NEW AKAO


      2014 WOMAN show in Paris “ Kabo show “



      1999 “Dragon Heat” - Little more

      2003  “Now you see it, Now you don’t”/ KABO “Undercover” W.W. magazine

      2007  “My Life in the Making / Wada Emi” “Intermission / Jun Takahashi + Madsaki”

                “mastermind / WORLD”

      2013  “ EYES OF NICON” / d.d.wave


 kabo / photographer 

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